4 Ways to Support Dream Quest

Would you like to sponsor a  youth and help them with their dreams? 
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                                                                                           Great & easy ways to support empowering our youth at Dream Quest

Do you shop at Ray's?
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 Ray's All Access Rewards

Do you shop on Amazon?
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Thrift Store                                
                                                            Bring in your donations to support youth!    All donations are tax deductible
Store Hours:
Tuesday through Friday 10am-5:30pm
Saturdays 10am-5pm

Telephone: 530.629.3006

Sales & Specials:
Each Thursdays we launch a new special for the week!
Tuesdays - Seniors receive a 20% discount.
Friday Frenzy Sale - Spend $20 or more and draw a free gift coupon!
Quarter Rack - Check out our ongoing quarter rack for discount clothing.