Amazon Smile Donation

Do you shop on Amazon?
Amazon Smile is their virtually identical website with one big difference:  .5% of your purchase price will be donated to Dream Quest, or a charity of your choice! In just a few minutes you can be supporting our local youth every time you shop, and it does not cost you a cent! It sounds too good to be true!
Here's how you do it: instead of going to you go to The first time you go on to the site you will be prompted to select your charitable organization. Caution, it's easy to miss this step, and it may default to Doctors without Borders. Never fear, if you fly by it, you can go to your account settings and choose "Change my Charity". Search for Dream Quest or Willow Creek Youth Partnership and select. From that point forward shop on SmileAmazon and .5% of eligible purchases will be donated to Dream Quest! Your three minutes has resulted in an ongoing gift. Thank You!