Ray's All Access Rewards

Want to support Dream Quest?
Do you shop at Ray's?
Connect your  Ray's All Access Rewards to Dream Quest. You'll earn 1% of all qualified purchases for Dream Quest every time you shop at any Ray's store locations! It just takes a few seconds. Your own Reward Benefits are not effected in any way!
How:   Email: or visit your local store to connect your account and support Dream Quest.
            To Call: 1-541-412-0005
            To Email: AllAccess@ckmarket.com
            To Visit: Stop by your local Ray's customer service counter and ask to connect Dream Quest for All Access Community Rewards Program. Or you can fill
            out a form and hand it to your friendly Ray's cashier on your next visit.
Just click the Ray's Rewards link below and print!
Dream Quest,
Jun 10, 2015, 3:20 PM